Donald Houde has taken many initiatives from idea through implementation and closure. He has had tremendous success at re-energizing existing projects and re-setting them onto a path of completion and ultimate success.

Data to Inform

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Know How to Get There

Organizations must effectively use existing and developing data sets to inform their decision making processes in addition to integrating those assets into their innovation and growth roadmap.

Donald Houde & Houde Consulting

Helping organizations transform information into insight.

Shaping the Fabric

Using data assets to inform an organization's decisions and strategies requires taking a fresh look at many data management related practices that may have been tightly woven into the way an organization has historically done business.

Donald Houde ~ The Art & Science of Data Management

Whether an organization’s roadmap to employing “data to inform” has simple objectives or includes Big Data enterprise-wide complexities, successfully navigating that roadmap includes incorporating the art and science of effective data management frameworks. Donald Houde, a Business Management consultant and President of Houde Consulting, helps organizations transform the information they gather from data management into actionable insight.